1. What can you put up for sale?

We accept artistically valuable paintings, sculptures, jewelry, clocks, handicraft works, furniture, design, porcelain, silver, posters, original drawings, graphics, artistic photographs, militaria, and other antique and unique items that may be of interest to collectors and enthusiasts of beautiful interiors.

2. Should the item be prepared for valuation in any particular way?

Before delivering a painting to DESA Unicum, do not remove it from the frame, clean it yourself, scratch off the display and auction labels on the back. Do not glue damaged sculptures or porcelain together yourself, silverware does not have to be cleaned. Each item should be delivered in its original condition. If necessary, cleaning or maintenance will be carried out by our specialists upon your consent.

3. How do I submit an item for sale?

To submit your item, you do not have to leave your home, just contact our Admission Office and tell us about the item you want to sell. We need photos and basic information of you item. After preliminary valuation, we will ask you to deliver your item to Desa Home.

You can submit your item via:

▪ our website, send us the filled submission form
▪ via e-mail: [email protected], send us the photos and information about your item
▪ in person - bring the item to the Customer Service Office, open Monday to Friday from 11:00. to 19:00. and on Saturdays from 11:00. to 16:00.

After valuating your item and agreeing on the terms and conditions of sale, we draw up the Commission Agreement. Next, we invite you to sign it at our Office or send it to you by post or e-mail.When you sign the commission agreement, your item is ready to be put up for sale at Desa Home.

4.How do you valuate items?

Your item will be professionally valuated to determine its worth. The final valuation is possible only after seeing the item in person. We will ask you to deliver the item to us. Subsequently, it is sent to the Valuation Commission during which our experts check and confirm the authenticity of the item, as well as establish its market value. Valuation as part of the sales process is free of charge.

5. How do you insure and deposit items?

Once your property has been qualified for sale, it is safely stored with us and insured for the amount specified in the deposit document. This guarantees that it is fully protected pending the sale.

6. What happens next with my item?

Your item will be presented and described in detail on Desa Home website.

7. What is the sales commission?

The sales commission starts at 15%. The amount depends on the value of the item and the established terms of cooperation. The commission includes VAT, so you do not have to pay additional fees to the Tax Office.

8. Do I have to pay tax on the sold artwork?

These issues are described in detail in our Terms and Conditions. If the sale of artworks is not the object of your business activity and you have been conducting it for more than 6 months, it is not necessary to show the sales revenue in your tax return. This case changes if the author of the work is also the seller.

9.When will I be paid for the sold item?

Payment for the item sold is made by bank transfer within 28 days, provided that the buyer pays for the item in full. Payment is made to the specified account unless another payment method is agreed. Payment is made in PLN. If payment in a different currency is required, the costs of purchasing and paying in that currency will be covered by the customer. We will inform you about the payment process by e-mail.

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